Giulia Bassani is an Italian novelist, aerospace engineering student, Mars researcher and TEDx speaker.

Giulia has loved science ever since she was a child, but her passion for Space matured during the years of high school, when she decided she wanted to become an astronaut, at age 15.

From that moment on, she has had several great achievements, demonstrating her determination in following her dream. To mention some: in 2015 she was selected to take part in the ESO Astronomy Camp to spend one week at the Observatory of Saint Barthélemy in Aosta Valley with other 50 international participants, doing night observations and data analysis; in 2016 she won the international semi-finals of the Odysseus Space Contest, presenting her project of an autonomous space base on Mars in front of an international jury of experts, at the Euro Space Center in Transinne (Belgium); in 2017 she wrote the sci-fi novel “Ad Martem 12” about the first human beings ever born on planet Mars and based on her scientific studies. The novel is now published on Amazon and available worldwide both in English and Italian (paperback and e-book).

In the same year she enrolled in the Polytechnic University of Turin to study aerospace engineering. In December 2018 she was invited by ArianeGroup, ESA and CNES to attend the launch of an Ariane V rocket in Kourou, French Guiana.

Giulia has been studying the feasibility of human missions to Mars for 4 years now, in order to learn as much as she can to be able to be part of the future missions. In fact she is also working on two international researches about Mars colonization sustainability and cosmic radiation.

Meanwhile, she continues to cultivate her passion for languages, studying Russian and Chinese, and last year she was nominated national coordinator for the Moon Village Association in Italy. 

After overcoming her struggles with math in school, she has always tried to prove that nothing is impossible and in 2020 she held a TEDx Talk to tell her story.

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