Ad Martem 12


“When you are in your mother’s womb, you have no certainties.  You don’t know who your parents are, you don’t know when you will be born or where you will live. In short, you know nothing about yourself or the world around you. The only thing you do know, is that whenever you are born, wherever and whoever you are with, you will call that place home.  You will call those people mum and dad. It doesn’t matter if you’re born in a city, an igloo, a jungle, on a boat, or even on a different planet.  For you, it will be perfectly normal.”


The Aresland autonomous space station in the Hellas Planitia on Mars, composed of the Red Stone, Krasnij Gorod and Hong Se De Su bases, was born from a collaboration of the American, European, Russian and Chinese space agencies, which allowed the mankind’s landing on the Red Planet, with the “Ad Martem” program’s missions. The twelfth mission of this program (from which the title “Ad Martem 12”) has the goal to give birth to the three first human beings on Mars. This is how the story of Jordan Miles, Anna Taykeeva and Yan Heng begins. They are the first three Martians to be grown up inside the Aresland, in the most similar way possible to Earth, with which they have no contact. Eventually Jordan, Anna and Yan will begin to ask questions to themselves and, with the typical curiosity of human beings, they will face dangerous adventures and challenges in a hostile environment, that is the Martian desert and the frigid vacuum of space, looking for themselves and their origins.











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